City Historical Museum Friends Association - AAMC

The AAMC is a civil non-profitable association, with temporary headquarters in the MHCRJ itself. It was founded on July 13, 1970, with the aim of "promoting the improvement and development of the Museum's activities". Since then, the partnership with the MHCRJ and the surrounding community generated relevant projects.

Between 1972 and 1974, the Association made possible the realization of art courses, history, and museology; 32 temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists and private collections; internal and external restoration of St. John's Chapel, Antônio Parreiras' triptych and items of furniture collection; furniture donation from the Mayor Pereira Passos working office (by the counselor of the AAMC, Mr. Antonio Fernando Bulhões de Carvalho), chair donation of XVIII century (by Banco Real, through Mr. Carlos Francisco Ribeiro Lessa) and donation of porcelain pieces (by the president of AAMC, Mr. Paulo Affonso de Carvalho Machado). Music performances were also organized as part of the Music in the Museum project, which included picnic baskets in the Park.

In 2002, a presentation was held about the mayor Pedro Ernesto and the art event Gávea Circular was launched with the participation of 40 artists, theater and music performances. Between 2005 and 2007, the following projects were carried out by AAMC "Conservation of Avenida Central Pictures", by Marc Ferrez; aiming the photographs preservation of the collections, and the "nineteenth-century prints Restoration Collection". Both projects have generated temporary exhibitions at the museum.

City of Rio de Janeiro, for restoration and display of banners set of the nineteenth century. Learn more about these projects in Backstage. In 2007, with the AAMC support, a permanent showroom was opened dedicated to Mayor Pedro Ernesto, with more than 600 pieces donated to the museum.

The Association also enabled the implementation techniques of cataloging activities and packaging of correspondence donated to the Museum. Various theatrical and musical performances activities were carried out between 2002 and 2010, when the donation of equipment for the collection of the scan also happened.

Within the architectural museum restoration project the Association was awarded by the Viva Cidade 2015 notice, which will allow the completion of the palace work.